TLC Lions

Human Company of the Year

This award promotes companies with over 1000 employees that are showing an exceptional commitment to providing a truly human workplace culture for their employees at all levels, all departments, through every policy and initiative. These companies are the best to work with and the best to work for!

This is a company that has:

A business strategy and people strategy that moves the company forward whilst enriching the lives of their employees

Pioneered and embedded people-focused values at all levels and in all areas that are a lived reality for their employees, every day. This can be reflected in the culture of the workplace, working environment, Human Resources Policies and Practices, financial compensation, career development etc.

An integrated and impactful ‘culture of care’ that supports and develops both their professional and personal lives, to achieve a more harmonious work-life balance

Demonstrated how their investment in their people has improved profitability, whilst improving employee satisfaction, engagement, retention, and development