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TLC Lions is proud to support 300+ organisations and to have reached employees in over 110 countries. From learning and development, inclusion and wellbeing through to corporate away days, our team have created bespoke programs for some of the world’s largest organisations.

“Since working with TLC Lions, we’ve had so many positive messages from colleagues who were moved by the stories shared and are wanting to make change in the workplace. Working with TLC Lions has created conversations for us to have the correct policies in place, but also changing mindsets, working towards even more inclusion and acceptance”

“TLC Lions method of Storytelling is such a fantastic way to engage audiences – our work together was powerful in a subtle and human way. I have no doubt working with TLC Lions will have a longstanding impact with our employees!”

Working closely with Natixis on their culture change across EMEA by using our methodology of Storytelling for their own internal campaign. Using our training workshops and events to embed this behavioural change and empower their employees.

“TLC Lions delivered from every angle. Our work together has been insightful and thought provoking, and made our employees stop and reflect on their own behaviours. TLC Lions provided valuable advice to support individuals and how we interact with our own clients” 

“We’ve really enjoyed working with TLC Lions on reinforcing our culture. TLC Lions have helped us to create a great dialogue and provided a licence for our people to have vulnerable and authentic conversations. That helps our employees to show more of their human side, which can only be good for long-term health, happiness and performance.”

Partnering with Google to deliver a 5-month tailored Pride series for their employees. Using our method of storytelling to deliver events that create open conversations in the Q&A, encourage employees to share their own experiences and promote awareness around their desired topic and behaviours.

“So many employees have said to me and my team that they found the campaign so moving and inspiring and of course that is exactly how I feel too – we’re excited to have TLC Lions supporting us year on year to drive culture change”

Collaborating with Emirates to share our uniquely crafted 5-part digital series The Storytelling Experience on board their aircrafts around the world. Providing customers with the tools to identify key moments in their life, craft and share their stories with confidence onboard with Emirates.

Partnering with all three of Rolls-Royce divisions, Civil Aerospace, Defence and Central to roll out employee and leader specific events and panel discussions. We created bespoke reflection guides to embed learnings from all events and workshops.

 “The Storytelling Experience opened my eyes and taught us all so much. I have shared my story with people in my personal environment and also within some people in my team and ERG network – which I never thought I would be able to do. We couldn’t be more grateful to TLC Lions for this experience.”

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