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Our award winning e-learning services have reached over 1 million learners in over 100 countries. We offer bespoke and off the shelf e-learning courses that seamlessly integrate with your internal LMS to allow employees to learn when, where and how they want.

Our expansive global network of experts and our digital capabilities allow us to create some of the world’s most powerful e-learning solutions. Elevating multimedia for multiple devices and implementing  video, animation, gamification, engaging interactivity and storytelling - we design e-learning courses with your employees in mind.

Create a learning culture that drives employee engagement. Build a TLC Lions e-learning course today. 


We provide translation services for all e-learning to ensure we reach employees in every corner of the globe.

Project Management

We provide end to end project management, with regular updates to assess your feedback and ensure you are happy with the design and content.

Content Providers

We have a global network of experts to help storyboard and script the content for your e-learning.

Inclusion & Diversity 

Representation is critical throughout our e-learning programmes, the world is diverse and so are our e-learning solutions. 


We are committed to creating e-learning solutions with all learners' needs kept in mind. We will work with you to ensure your learners' needs are met. 

Real world Learning

We work to understand the everyday reality of your workplace and use storytelling to bring important topics to life for the learner.

SCORM Compliant & LMS Integration 

Seamless integration into your existing LMS so employees learn when, where and how they want.

 E-Learning types

E-learning courses can include:

Creating a speak up culture 
Compliance Training 
EAP Training
ESG Training
Company Purpose, Vision & Mission 
Health & Safety Compliance
Inclusive Leadership
Inclusion & Diversity Training
Mental Health Awareness 
Stress Management 

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