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The greatest leaders in history didn’t build a movement or culture by sharing graphs, reports and statistics - instead they knew how to communicate through storytelling. At TLC Lions, our experts train your leaders and employees on how to use the power of storytelling to enhance their personal and professional lives as part of our suite of workshops. 

Storytelling is our USP and our foundation. We're also proud to be the only company in the world to train storytelling in the sky onboard all Emirates flights reaching 15 million people each year in 85 countries. So you’re in safe hands! 

From understanding their personal stories to drive cultural change within your organisation through to the direct business application of storytelling to differentiate your brand on the market. 

As part of our Discovery and Design stages, our team uncover how to best implement the storytelling workshops across your organisation and weave this into your people strategy. Whether aligning employees and leaders to your company purpose, through training on how to confidently share personal stories to showcase the voices of your people - we have you covered. 

We provide in person or virtual storytelling workshops delivered around the world as well as digital learning content to enhance the learning experience. Our 90 minute workshop and follow up coaching provides employees with a practical and immersive experience into their own life stories.The greatest leaders in history didn’t build a movement or culture by sharing graphs, reports and statistics - instead they knew how to communicate through

"Storytelling doesn’t make us less professional, it makes us more human"

Storytelling for Purpose & Values

We add meaning to your company's purpose & add colour to your values. Through our unique storytelling workshops, we align your teams to your brand on an emotional level - it's powerful.

Storytelling for Sales

Facts tell, stories sell. Building a genuine connection with customers is critical. Through a deep understanding of your company, TLC Lions trains your salespeople & client facing employees on how to use storyselling as a technique and how to actively listen to customer needs and differentiate your brand on the market. 

Storytelling for Inclusion & Wellbeing

TLC Lions uncovers the personal stories of your employees. A journey into personal storytelling to bring to life your culture through the voices of your people.This immersive and interactive learning journey creates connection and trust between the audience and wider across your organisation. 

Storytelling for Business

The best business leaders tell stories and they communicate with impact. TLC Lions trains teams using our 4 quadrants - Brand, Clients, Products & Personal, to enhance the overall storytelling skills of your teams when operating in the business world. 

The Storytelling Experience has made me so proud of the leader I am today and helped me align my purpose. By sharing my story, it’s created a more open culture in my team - the workshop was so incredibly engaging and useful

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