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Annie Scott

Former FTSE 100 Communications Director & Storyteller

As a former FTSE 100 Communications Director, Annie’s life changed dramatically when she suffered severe work burnout in 2017. Forced to quit her job and move back in with her parents due to crippling depression, she was initially ashamed of what she saw as a failure. But by sharing her story and discussing it with others, she was alarmed to discover she was part of a growing mental health pandemic – which is still relatively not discussed.

Since then, Annie has been on a journey of self-discovery that’s included swimming with Drew Barrymore, and hiking with Richard Branson – but ultimately learned that the answers to leading a happy and balanced work life lie within us. She is on a mission to help people and organisations create mutually beneficial and healthy relationships with work.

Annie has written for numerous health and wellness publications including Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Foundry Fox The Fit Traveller. She is a regular speaker on burnout at work and toxic working culture, and the author of My Big Fat Burnout; Why we need to change our toxic relationship with work, a soon-to-be-published book on the topic.

Coming from a corporate background, Annie’s sessions provides the audience with practical tips to support them with workplace stress, how to manage their own energy levels and thrive in an ever changing environment.

- Burnout
- Workplace stress
- Work/life balance
- Managing energy levels
- Resilience