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Bahareh Amidi

Executive Integration Coach & Author

Dr Bahareh Amidi is an Iranian-American certified poetry therapist who gained her Certification at the California based Institute for Poetic Medicine. She has a Masters Degree in Family, Marriage and Child Counselling Psychology from Notre Dame du Namur University and a PhD in Educational Psychology from the Catholic University of America. Dr Amidi’s mission is to offer “poetry therapy in a capsule” and she has led poetry therapy sessions and workshops, as well as sharing the impact of Poetry Therapy all over the world at TEDx events.

Dr Amidi’s lived experience is what led her to finding peace through poetry. Dr. Amidi left her home country Iran at the age of 9, due to the Iranian revolution, leaving everything behind and starting over in the United States posed many challenges; one being huge cultural differences

Life did slowly improve and in 2017, once her and her husband’s children had left home to pursue their university careers, both Dr Amidi and her husband felt a need to reconnect with their homeland, making the decision to move to Iran which would change their lives forever.

In the middle of the night 4 years ago, the military police knocked on their door and arrested Dr Amidi’s husband with no explanation or formal trial and sentenced him to 10 years in prison where he remains today. With limited access to information, Dr Amidi has assumed it may be because he was a dual (US) citizen and is being held as a political hostage.

The toll on Dr Amidi and her daughters has been immeasurable. Her bipolar diagnosis 15 years prior plays a large role in her ongoing emotional turmoil and she walks through her harrowing story and the mental trauma of fighting each day for her husband’s release.

Dr Amidi’s story is one of heartache, courage and determination, fighting against all the odds which continues to this day.

- Mental Health
- Bipolar
- Poetry Therapy
- Cultural Adjustments
- Neurodiversity