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Belton Flournoy

Director at Protiviti

Belton Flournoy is the Director of cyber security at Protiviti where he founded the UK’s LGBT+ group and co-founder of Pride in the City with Pride in London. Listed in numerous top 100 leaders lists including top 10 inspirational business leaders in 2020 by the British LGBT+ awards, he recently joined The Inclusion Initiative (TII) at the London School of Economics as an Advisory Board Member which drives inclusion through research.

The journey to Belton’s success was not a smooth one. His life covers two continents, born to a mother who was raised in a convent of nuns in Venezuela before immigrating to the United States, and a father who was one of three children raised by a single mother during the ‘Jim Crow era.’ Belton was born in Texas and despite the challenges of growing up in a non-diverse environment, he was accepted to Marquette University in 1999. However, due to financial and personal issues, he was forced to drop out after a year and a half.  With sheer determination, Belton influenced his way back into the University to graduate successfully with job offers from three top global organisations. During this time, Belton also found the courage to come out as gay in a society that was intolerant towards his skin colour and sexuality.

Belton’s career found him relocating to London, where he faced stark cultural differences between his homeland and England. Belton’s journey of courage, imposter syndrome and the power of allyship helped him to be his true self, resulting in increased performance and productivity.  Belton now is a huge advocate of the lessons one can learn from intersectionality and the key points that connect us and how we can all play a crucial role in helping others to grow stronger.

– Self-perceptions

– Leadership Communication


– Overcoming obstacles

– I&D /Intersectionality – being black and gay

– Imposter syndrome 

– Allyship

“My eyes were opened to the barriers felt and faced by others in the workplace, but ultimately gave me the tools to be an ally in helping tear those barriers down in and outside of work.” - PwC

“I just wanted to say Belton was absolutely fantastic. You’ve clearly done an amazing job of briefing Belton as his session hit the mark completely, really bringing our day to life. There were so many takeaways from the team. The feedback from the break-out groups and across the leadership team has been overwhelmingly positive.” - Microsoft