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Ben West

Mental Health Campaigner, Advisor & Author

In 2018, at 17 years old, Ben’s world collapsed when he tragically lost his younger brother to suicide. After a desperate promise to Sam, Ben has dedicated himself to educating and campaigning around mental health. Recipient of the Diana Legacy Award and Pride of Britain Award, Ben uses his experience to challenge us all to treat mental health differently. It is not the case that to be healthy we must avoid problems, in fact, it’s Ben’s message that we must learn to embrace the battles we face.

In 2021 Ben was appointed as a consultant member of the advisory board for Wagamama where he advises the CEO and other key executives on internal and external mental health projects.

Ben has released his debut book, This Book Could Save Your Life. This book is a reflection on the journey Ben has been through from losing Sam, dealing with grief and trauma, learning about his own mental health and how to look after it, supporting others in his life and as a crisis volunteer, and being part of national change.

Losing Sam was devastating, it made it impossible for Ben to believe anything would ever get better. After 5 years of campaigning, from classrooms to the steps of Downing Street, he now wants to inspire businesses and individuals with his vulnerability, honesty and experience. We are not separate from our worst moments, they make up the map of who we are. How powerful it is to accept that and wear our scars with pride.

- The Power of Imperfection
- Workplace Mental Health
- Graduate Mental Health
- Resilience
- Vulnerability and Support