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Brandi Benson

Author, Entrepreneur, Veteran & Cancer Survivor

Brandi Benson is an American award-winning cancer advocate, author of acclaimed book ‘The Enemy Inside Me’, entrepreneur and Iraqi war veteran. Brandi’s mission is to provide an effective blueprint of strategies and resources that anyone can use to overcome their struggles and take charge of their wellness. Brandi’s raw honesty and passion to share her story inspire hope in all those that listen to her.

Brandi’s story starts with her determination to escape the poverty and social injustice in which she was brought up which prompted her and her sister to join the military. She soon found herself in the ‘Red Zone’ on the front-line war in Iraq where she faced not just external aggressions but internal ugly microaggressions in a male dominated industry. If this wasn’t challenging enough, she soon discovered an unknown cancerous tumor ending her career in a heartbeat.

Brandi’s battle to recover was  long, heart wrenching and at times dark, facing numerous surgeries, over 90 rounds of chemotherapy and endless hours of physical therapy to learn how to walk again. Throughout this, the support of one key ‘ally’  helped Brandi to open her mind, not give up on herself and chose to live despite the odds. Brandi shares how she reclaimed her life and became the successful entrepreneurial woman she is today. 

By sharing her story, Brandi will transform the lives of those in the audience by encouraging them to not give up and find their own motivation to face their individual challenges head on and live life to the fullest.

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