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Charlie Cannon

Leadership Consultant, Performance Coach & Facilitator

Charlie Cannon is a leadership consultant, performance coach, experienced facilitator, and resiliency expert. He has had the privilege of working with leaders and teams from some of the most well-known brands in the world. He has designed and delivered year long learning campaigns for companies around topics such as, growth mindset cultures, developing psychologically safe teams, and becoming resilient under pressure.

At the age of 21, Charlie fell asleep at the wheel of the car, leaving his sister moments away from dying and himself injured and traumatised. This eventually led to a journey of personal transformation and professional purpose. Charlie’s mission is to empower people to maximise their potential and develop the resilience to achieve what matters most.

Charlie is also a High Adversity Resilience Trainer (HART) and uses his skills to volunteer and train emergency first responders, following his own experience with the emergency services back at 21.

Charlie’s passion for coaching, wellbeing and high performance stems from being a successful personal trainer where he trained Oscar-winning actors, athletes and stressed-out executives, as well as being a talented sportsman where he played rugby for England and West of England hockey as a schoolboy. However, he struggled with his mindset particularly following the accident, leading to a keen interest in psychology.

Through Charlie’s story, the audience is left with important takeaways in how to build a growth mindset, foster a psychologically safe workplace and embed resilient leadership where teams thrive under pressure.

- Resilient leadership
- Growth mindset and learning cultures
- Psychological safety and courageous communication
- Performing under pressure
- Fit to lead, wellbeing, mental health, the energy asset