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Dana Codispoti

C-Suite Executive & Certified Coach

Dana Codispoti is a C-suite Executive, Certified Coach, and single mother of two children. Born into an immigrant family with a rigorous, yet sheltered upbringing, her values are grounded in hard work, dedication, perseverance, and grit.

As one of very few women in her major (Engineering) and in the early part of her career in technology, she worked her way up the career ladder facing the power dynamics of the corporate world head on. Gaining a reputation for being a complex problem solver, empathetic leader, and hard charging executive, she held successful positions across multiple industries and geographies in the US, and abroad.

As her career continued to soar, so did her personal life – she became an avid traveler, a foodie, mentor, and role model to many. Conversely, she learned how cruel the world could be, when one night everything changed in an instant. After many years of threats and abuse, she left her home in the middle of the night with a 2-year-old and a five-month-old just two weeks after starting a new job in an executive role. Shocked, ashamed, and terrified she was completely unsure of what the future held for her and her children. With unwavering determination, she delved into the depths of her innermost being to unearth the resilience required to climb the formidable mountain before her, persistently placing one foot in front of the other, at all costs. Dana’s story is one of heartbreak, loss, resilience and empowerment.

Dana’s story of survival across her personal world and career led her to become a crisis coach. Now using her signature ‘RISE’ method, Dana helps women navigate their own personal crisis, whether it be domestic abuse, loss, grief or overwhelm.

- Inclusion
- Leading multicultural teams
- Neurodiversity in Parenting
- Trust/Lack of Trust in systems and institutions
- Single Parenting
- Executive Coaching
- Empathetic Leadership
- Wellbeing in the Workplace