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Dr Richard Jenkins

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Richard Jenkins is a Chief Medical Officer and Health Industries Advisor for PwC Middle East and was previously Chief Medical Officer for Emirates Airline. His career covers General Practice, leading public and private healthcare organisations and offering advisory services for governments and private organisations. As a founder member of the Global Chief Medical Officers Network, Richard is recognised and speaks globally on the power of positive Culture of Health in the workplace.

As a doctor in the UK, Richard became frustrated with the lack of reliability and care gaps in the system and made the choice to leave his GP Practice to focus on improvements at system and government levels. This led to leading roles in the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, the NHS Patient Safety Improvement Program and NHS Leadership Academy.

Then in 2014, Richard and his family embraced a change in their lives with a move to Dubai to act as Chief Medical Officer for Emirates Airlines. Here he developed his interest and passion for workplace health. Richard will share his vast expertise and knowledge as well as lived experience of how organisations and leadership teams can understand and foster a culture of health and maximise the opportunities, benefits, and differentiation that this can bring.

- The culture of health
- Organisational value of health
- How health can foster purpose and drive
- Measuring health and the ROI on health programs
- How leadership drives health in the workplace