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Enoch Li

Author, Social Entrepreneur & Founder of Bearapy

Enoch Li is an author, social entrepreneur and the founder of Bearapy – a mental wellbeing consultancy based in China. Following a career in the banking and finance industry across Tokyo, Paris, Beijing and London Enoch decided to study Organizational Psychology. Today Enoch uses her education and own life experiences with mental health to support the wellbeing of others.

Enoch uses her expertise in psychodynamic techniques to focus on emotional wellbeing, resilience, leadership development, and productivity. Enoch’s work has reached global audiences and featured in CNN, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, China Radio International and more. 

But it hasn’t always been easy for Enoch. During her time in the corporate world, it all became too much for her when she faced a major depressive episode and found herself on the edge of her window wanting to end her life. It was thanks to her loved ones around her at the time that Enoch was saved, found help and began to thrive in her daily life. 

Enoch speaks openly about stress in the city, wellness across Asia and globally and how companies can begin to understand their employees on a deeper level. During her session she shares her personal journey alongside fun ways to cope with depression, recommending adults, parents, and organizations on what wellbeing means to them.

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