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Farsh Raoufi MBE

Ex-Station Commander, Fire & Rescue

Farsh Raoufi MBE is an award winning Diversity & Inclusion champion who was honoured with an MBE in 2018 for his work in inclusion across the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service.  Farsh worked his way up from the front line to Station Commander. After 31 years he retired to continue his passion to help educate others of the challenges faced by many from his background.

Farsh’s story begins in his birth country, Iran, where he faced tragedy at a very young age when his mother died of cancer. Life soon became even more traumatic following the civil unrest of 1979 and the new dictatorship which brought fear and horrors on their quiet streets, with each day a battle to survive and avoid gunshots. To save Farsh from being forced to pick up a gun, his father smuggled him out of the country at 13 years old to the UK with a relative via Russia..  This lonely and brave journey is a story in its own right, arriving in the UK without speaking a word of English. 

This new setting brought with it a harsh reality of racism, abuse and bullying and Farsh faced a whole new set of challenges that he had to overcome in order to survive.  With the help of a few allies, he soon gained confidence and began building a new life which transformed him into the man he is today. 

Today, Farsh has a passion to inform, educate and learn where he finds ignorance and discrimination to challenge where he sees discrimination and to support and empower individuals and communities to create a level playing field for all. A roller coaster story that will leave you moved, informed and reflective on your own biases.

– Social Mobility

– Inclusion

– Refugee

– Overcoming Adversity & fear 

– Resilience & courage 

– Grief