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Gem Turner

Disabled Content Creator & Consultant

Gem Turner is a disabled content creator and consultant from West Yorkshire who educates people about disability and communication. As someone with the condition, Brittle Bones, she has used a powered wheelchair from 2 years old. Although of course physical barriers were and still are a huge hindrance to her life – the biggest barrier for Gem is the public interactions and perceptions of her.

Growing up being visibly different, she started to notice that children and adults around her would treat her differently. This could be pats on the head, stares and mocking or looks of pity and concern, for simply living her life. That’s why after graduating from the University of Leeds reading New Media – she decided to blog her life using her natural Yorkshire charm to educate people on disability and the misconceptions.

9 years later Gem has built a career of consulting and speaking with companies such as ITN, ITV, Sky, Which? and Universities across the UK delivering workshops and keynote speeches. With inclusion at the forefront, her passion is to share her lived experiences of achieving the “little big things” in life – motivating people to not just settle for basics but to aim for whatever they want to achieve in life whilst advising non-disabled people on how to be allies in the process.

- Increasing disability knowledge
- Disability and my lived experience
- Disability, attitudes and communication
- Disability and inclusive workplace/recruitment
- Disability and education