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George Bullard


George Bullard started his career in finance before leaving to follow his passion outdoors. He is now a world record-breaking explorer and endurance athlete. To date he has completed 14 extraordinary expeditions around the world from the TransAtlantic race to leading youth development programmes in the Amazon and facilitating scientific research expeditions in Antarctica.

George’s biggest life challenge came in 2011 when he  was leading a team of young explorers and his friend was mauled to death by a polar bear. George  has to adapt his leadership style very quickly and empathy became integral part of  how he led his team through the ordeal. George is passionate about encouraging others to understand their leadership styles and the impact this  can have. He empowers employees to embrace their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and confront “the challenge of the unthinkable’.  George shares his story of resilience and empathetic leadership during times of uncertainty.

– Exploration & Adventure

– Resilience & Mental Wellbeing

– Leadership in times of change

– Inspiration 

– Knowing your colleagues

“George delivered a highly charged and engaging piece on leadership and resilience when extreme situations arise. He demonstrated to the senior team how to adapt their leadership approach in unprecedented times, and that however tough, there is always a way forward.” - J O Hambro