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Hamou Bouakkaz

French Politician

Born blind, Hamou is one of the few French politicians with a disability. He views his condition as his strength as it allows him to highlight the invisible. Hamou is convinced that diversity can help improve society in unexpected ways by bringing new solutions to the table.

Hamou, who is often described as a relentless optimist, is originally from Algeria and came to France at the age of one. He graduated from Engineering school but chose to pursue a career in politics and support the urgent need to rebuild the fragmented society he was living in. Hamou was Deputy Mayor of Paris for six years and strongly campaigned for citizen participation in the development of their city.

Today, he still supports and gives his time to the “Fraternity” – the motto of the French Republic. He supports a number of philanthropic initiatives as well as being a speaker and trainer. Hamou has only one goal which is to inspire others with his sense of altruism.

Hamou is very committed to Diversity & Inclusion for both public and private sectors. Hamou is a TEDx speaker, Inclusion & Wellbeing expert, association founder and has participated in hundreds of panels on multiple topics.

Please note Hamou delivers in both French and English. 

- Resilience
- Inclusion
- Living with an invisible disability
- Disability in the workplace

“Having Hamou as part of the panel event brought valuable insights of how the topic of race & ethnicity intersects with disability and the affect on individuals in the workplace. Hamou spoke so honestly and his story is truly inspiring.” - Criteo