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Jenny (JCK) Neuharth

AI Expert Speaker & Storyteller

Jenny Cotie Kangas is not just another problem solver; she’s a life-solver. With a background in AI and systems thinking, Jenny has always had a knack for taking things from concept to mastery. But it was her battle with COVID-19 and a subsequent life-altering injury that catapulted her story into a realm of unparalleled resilience and transformation. After losing her entire memory, including the basic understanding of how the world works and even who her own children were, Jenny faced a challenge that could have broken her. Instead, she turned it into her superpower. 

Utilizing a design thinking model, Jenny reassembled her life from scratch. She discovered that losing her memory, a potentially debilitating condition, became her most valuable differentiator in a world often stuck in conventional ways of thinking. Now, Jenny helps organizations build robust infrastructures for scaling and problem-solving. She’s developed technology like none before, precisely because she lost all preconceived notions and biases on how problems “should” be solved.

With a narrative unlike any you’ve encountered, Jenny offers organisations transformative insights, anchored by her unique lived experiences. Her story is a testament to human resilience and the infinite possibilities that come from asking the right questions. Don’t miss the chance to hear a perspective that promises to redefine your approach to problem-solving and life.

  • Redefining 'Good'
  • Systems for Personal and Professional Success
  • The Power of Questions
  • AI for Good
  • Being an Overcomer, Not a Victim