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 Jessa De La Morena

Global Director of Transformational Leadership at Amadeus

Jessa de la Morena’s inspiring career has seen her climb the corporate ladder to executive positions across Amadeus for the past 17 years. Today she is the Global Director of Transformational Leadership across the largest business line of the organisation and alongside this, her passion for inclusion and talent development has seen her chair Amadeus Global Women’s Network for 2 years.

However, behind this amazing energetic woman is a childhood that was in constant upheaval, moving to 8 new cities by the time she was 21. This soup of multicultural learnings, loss of friendships, reinvention of herself to fit in shaped Jessa’s resilience including her biggest challenge – Cancer.

Jessa is a 3rd generation survivor impacted by this disease. Her story is one of grief, loss, and helplessness as early on in her childhood she knew of her grandmother´s death due to cancer when her mother was only 10, and when Jessa was 15 she witnessed how her own mother battled and survived cancer.

Following Jessa’s own battle with a rare form of cancer, Jessa wanted to transform this negativity into something positive; she created a movement called U Are The Hero. She is on a mission to help people going through adversity to find strength and most importantly to find the inner hero that has been there all along, helping them become empowered to take the reins and take control of their lives and wellbeing so they no longer feel like a victim. Her personal transformation has led her to become an inspirational leader, resulting in a greater capacity to create high-performing teams and much more. When sharing her story Jessa leans into her favorite quote:

 “What if the worst thing that happened to you turns out to be the best thing that has ever happened to you?” – Joe Dispenza

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