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Jonny Benjamin MBE

Mental Health Activist

Jonny Benjamin MBE, known for the ‘stranger on the bridge’, is an award-winning mental health campaigner, author and filmmaker from London.

Jonny shares his journey with mental health, from his first experience of seeing a psychologist at the age of 5 to his breakdown and hospitalisation at the age of 20. This led to a suicide attempt in which Jonny was saved by a stranger on the bridge who simply asked him, “are you okay?”. Jonny launched a viral campaign to find the stranger which resulted in the pair being reunited. Jonny speaks about his experiences, his ongoing battle with schizoaffective disorder, coming to terms with being gay in the Jewish community and his renowned work within mental health. Jonny believes in the power of open conversations – his life was saved by a stranger asking him a caring question – and believes we can all be this person for our colleagues and friends.

– Mental Health 

– The Journey to Recovery 

– Suicide Prevention 

– LGBT & Faith 

“ Jonny delivered an extraordinary event for our employees. The audience were deeply inspired by his incredibly engaging style and honesty. The session will have a long term impact on our mental health and wellbeing, both at work and in our outside lives.’ - Financial Conduct Authority

“Jonny is truly inspiring - such a wonderful person. His story of hope and finding light in times of darkness is remarkable. Thank you Jonny for sharing your story.” - Novartis