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Leela Bassi

International Keynote Storyteller & Trainer

Leela Bassi is a Worldwide Trilingual respected thought leader, a Resilience Specialist, and a Top Female Speaker who presents in English, French and Italian.

Leela’s story is one of resilience and determination in the face of overwhelming obstacles. After losing her mother at birth and being abandoned by her father, she was immediately placed into an orphanage before she was adopted by a white French family who already had their own children. But soon her world came crashing down as being raised in France in a white environment she faced many forms of discrimination.

At school, Leela was constantly bullied, rejected and broken. Behind this strong and determined woman is a childhood filled with physical, mental, and emotional trauma: which led her to several suicidal attempts. Having graduated from University, Leela moved to the UK where she worked for renowned organisations but soon realised that bullying and harassment became a torture she could no longer continue to endure.

After surviving an Arctic Expedition in extreme conditions as part of an initiative to challenge how people think about diversity and inclusion, Leela founded her own organisation: Above & Beyond Resilience, speaking on the topics of overcoming adversity which encompass areas such as: Beyond Resilience, Turning Failures into Success, Forgiveness, Growth Mindset, Conscious Inclusion and Leadership.

Leela works with organisations to re-setting standards and embracing vision-setting in order to reboot a winning culture and mindset which will help you find your own values and “Dig deeper” to find and apply your inner strength.

Leela is a genuine, loving and passionate woman who highly regarded for her ethical values and her integrity.

- Resilience
- Overcoming Adversity and Discrimination
- Growth Mindset
- Succeeding through failures
- Conscious Inclusion