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Leigh Smyth

Founder of ImpactMatch

Leigh is an accomplished social inclusion consultant and leader of transformation who has triumphed over obstacles with unwavering authenticity and belief. Despite facing adversity, Leigh has defied expectations and shattered barriers to become a force for positive change.

Her award-winning achievements include launching the UK’s first children’s technology range and designing and leading a groundbreaking market model for a government program that benefited half a million low-income families. As CEO of the RaceOnline2012 campaign and Go ON UK Charity, Leigh supported Baroness Lane Fox and spearheaded initiatives to drive digital inclusion as a movement, leaving a lasting impact on society and Leigh is still an active campaigner for digital and financial inclusion.

Even in the face of challenges, Leigh has remained steadfast in her commitment to authentic leadership. By sharing personal stories of vulnerability and experiences with poor mental health, trauma, bereavement, and the impact of menopause, she has created meaningful connections and fostered empathy among others. Leigh’s belief in the power of authenticity has not only transformed her own life but also uplifted countless individuals.

With determination, Leigh has guided national initiatives and lead the creation of impactful programs such as the Lloyds Banking Digital Skills Academy for “Everyone.” Her global social inclusion strategy consultancy has advised prominent organisations, including the United Nations, leading to a universal financial inclusion commitment from the global banking sector.

Leigh’s journey exemplifies how one can challenge the status quo, transform the lives of millions and leave an indelible mark on the world. Leigh’s story serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to embrace their ability, no matter what their background, to make a lasting difference.

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- Bereavement
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