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Mary Daniels

Leadership Coach

Mary Daniels has 20 years experience in coaching and has worked with individuals including young people, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and CEOs. 

Born into a Ghanaian family, Mary was fostered by a white British family at three weeks until her teenage years when she was forced to moved back in with her blood relatives due to unforeseen circumstances. Along with the unsettling transition between the two cultures, Mary also suffered from physical domestic abuse at the hands of her biological father. 

This series of events led Mary to the side of Tower Bridge in London at 24 with her baby in her arms and ready to jump. She describes it as “bizarrely one of the most peaceful moments of her life” because she finally felt the weight of the world lift from her shoulders believing  it was her only option. 

Thankfully a passer-by stopped her in her tracks and Mary asked herself  ‘what if I could turn my life around?’. Mary’s first goal was to find her true identity which  gave her the determination to overcome her past. Because of this, Mary is passionate about helping others to really get to know themselves.  

Mary speaks openly  about the challenges she has faced around her race and ethnicity growing up, feeling comfortable  in her own skin and how we can all create a culture of belonging for ourselves and those around us.

– Race & Ethnicity 

– Discovering yourself

– Mental Health & Wellbeing

– Inclusion & Diversity 

– Domestic Physical Abuse

“I feel inspired - thank you. That was amazing.” - Nomad Foods

“Inspirational story. Such strength to get through everything and be able to share your experiences.” - Nomad Foods