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Maya Raichoora

Co-Founder of Remap

Award-winning Entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and visualisation expert, Maya is pioneering a mental fitness revolution. She is best known for hosting immersive visualisation events, helping people improve the way they think, feel & perform.

At the age of 15, Maya was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an incurable irritable bowel disease. Crippled with physical and mental pain, she was told she had very little hope. After learning and practising visualisation, the technique saved her life. She is now on a mission to help others.

Maya is also the founder and CEO of Remap mental fitness. Working with global brands like Nike, Lego and Barclays, she helps working professionals improve the way they think, feel and perform. Maya’s story and workshops will leave the audience feeling inspired, empowered and mentally strong to make a change in their personal and professional lives.

- Mental fitness and Visualisation
- Vision and purpose
- Motivation and empowerment
- Focus and productivity
- Stress and resilience