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Michael Newton

COO, The P3 Network

Michael leads the Account Management Team at the event technology company, Cvent. Outside of work, Michael is the Chief Operating Officer for the LGBT+ parenting charity, The P3 Network and has led a number of campaigns around trans-parenting and parenting with HIV.

Michael has overcome many challenges throughout his life. He grew up the second child of five in a household full of domestic abuse that saw him hospitalised at the age of 5. At the age of 13 he was forced to support himself and his family. 

Michael shares  how understanding and accepting his mother helped him to  come out as gay. His life was looking brighter  until his partner dropped the  bombshell that he had HIV and that Michael should get  tested. The HIV result was  positive and due to the stigma and lack of understanding surrounding the disease,  Michael imagined a life of pain, hurt and shame. This led Michael to the decision to end his life but one a whim he stopped and challenged himself to educate himself on the disease. This decision  not only saved his life  but also helped him  understand how dangerous the stigma was, particularly in the 70’s and 80’s.   

Michael is  passionate about using his voice to challenge and end the stigma surrounding AIDS.As an openly gay man living with HIV in the corporate world,he  is an advocate for open conversations and education in the workplace on  this invisible disability. With humour, charisma and passion,Michael shares  the importance of empathetic leadership  and the importance of empowering employees to be true to who they are.

– Diversity, Inclusion & Mental Health 

– Overcoming Adversity – domestic abuse & HIV 

– Being LGBTQ+ in the corporate world

– Alternative families – LGBT Parenting  

“Michael's story was gripping, he spoke so honestly and eloquently. I had tears falling down my face. It was extremely powerful.” - Oxford Biomedica

“It was great to see another SET member share personal experiences and support the topics discussed. Michaels story was emotive, inspiring and made me feel so grateful for my health and family. Certainly gave me the chance to pause and think about something so very important.” - Criteo