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Mostafa Salameh

Adventurer, Humanitarian & Author

Mostafa Salameh is a world-renowned adventurer, humanitarian, and motivational speaker. He is the first Arab and Muslim climber to have completed the Explorers Grand Slam, a challenge that includes climbing the highest peaks of the seven continents and skiing the North and South poles, and one of only 20 people in the world to have achieved this feat. In 2017, Mostafa also skied across Greenland from north to south.

However, Mostafa’s lived experience that led him to push his physical side was so different to the one he now lives. Mostafa was a young refugee who escaped the Kuwait war to Jordan in hope of a better life and with ambitions of going to University. However, life continued to be challenged and access to further education was once again stolen from him following the Gulf war. His career turned to waiting tables and a chance conversation saw him travelling to the UK to support the hospitality team at the Jordan Embassy. Mostafa’s dreams to finish his schooling still burned strong. He pushed himself to pursue this, further resulting in completing a BA in International Hospitality and Tourism Management, a MA in Outdoor Education Studies, and recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Mostafa went on to author a number of books including “Dreams of a Refugees,” “Everest Dare to Dream,” and “Journey of Ascension and Rising.” As a passionate advocate for inspiring young people to pursue their dreams, as well as an international motivational speaker, Mostafa has established a number of successful humanitarian initiatives, which have raised over $6 million to date. He has received numerous accolades for his work, including the Medal of Independence from King Abdullah of Jordan in 2008 and the Medal of Courage in 2018.

Through his own lived experiences, Mostafa leaves his audience feeling inspired, motivated and understanding the power of teamwork and collaboration to enhance performance.

- Teamwork and collaboration
- Risk management and decision-making
- Goal-setting and achievement
- Inspiring your team to reach new heights