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Nicky Kelvin

Head of The Points Guy UK

Nicky Kelvin is the Head of The Points Guy UK – a self-proclaimed aviation geek who reaped the benefits of his sister’s former BA Cabin Crew role. It was during this time that Nicky discovered the world of air miles and points and began to explore how he could maintain his globetrotting lifestyle in various countries around the world.

Following his undergraduate law degree at the University of Birmingham and subsequent completion of law school in central London, Nicky qualified as a solicitor with a US-based law firm in the capital. Not content with the solicitor’s life, Nicky switched up his career to follow his passion, becoming a music lawyer for the UK’s biggest record label Virgin EMI.

Nicky’s personal life has also pushed him to be an advocate on a number of fronts. First helping smash the stigma around Crohn’s disease which Nicky was diagnosed with at the age 20, he has to live with the condition and the fear of illness throughout his life and understand the impact on his future. However, the condition has given him the strength to remove another mask – by coming out to his family as a gay man.

Coming from a proud Jewish family and community in the north of England this was a difficult time but Nicky continues to educate individuals around the world about the Jewish faith and culture. Nicky’s work around the Jewish community has seen him be invited to Israel with other influencers to explore how to better communicate about the culture and the issues of anti-semitism on a global scale. From coming out in the community to how to navigate the history and challenges that continue today, Nicky brings his unique personal insights alongside his entertaining nature to audiences around the world.

- Religion and sexuality
- Jewish culture
- How antisemitism impacts the community, self-esteem and Imposter Syndrome
- Identity
- Living with an invisible illness (Crohn’s disease)
- How to have difficult conversations