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Nicola Brentnall MVO

Founding CEO of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

Nicola Brentnall has 25 years’ experience at CEO and Board Level across the private, public and voluntary sectors. Most recently, she was the founding CEO of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, a youth development organisation that supports young people across 54 countries. Her leadership skills, influencing techniques and interest in diverse cultures on a global scale provide real insight into how she successfully built a global youth development brand from the ground up, taking into consideration external pressures and her age. 

Nicola is also an accomplished public speaker, known for her energy and ability to connect with people from all walks of life. She is a trained mediator and skilled in finding common ground to bring  people together.

Behind her energetic and optimistic personality, Nicola has childhood experiences that  are a far cry from the life she now lives. Nicola’s story will leave you moved and inspired and demonstrate how throughout her life she has drawn from her experience to make a positive impact on  the world.

– Ageism

– Resilience

– Overcoming Adversity

– Leadership