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Rachel Vecht

Parent Educator & Speaker

Rachel Vecht started out her career as a primary school teacher but soon realised that most of the learning actually happens outside of the classroom. Back in 2001, she became a parent and founded ‘Educating Matters’ to reach a much wider audience, supporting parents and carers at work with all aspects of educating, raising children and integrating work and family.

This was long before ‘DEI’ or ‘Wellbeing’ was even in a job title and ERGs or Employee Networks existed. Rachel found that teaching other people’s children was a lot easier than raising her own and she is constantly learning through navigating each age and stage.

Being a parent is arguably the hardest job in the world, with the least amount of training and lots of conflicting advice. Drawing on her everyday experience of being an ‘imperfect’ mother to 4 children, she has worked with organisations globally across a vast range of sectors and has supported 10,000s of parents.

Rachel has a strong sense of the common challenges parents face across cultures. She focuses on what it means to be a ‘good enough parent’ with a focus on nurturing strong relationships and connections within families and raising children who have the values and qualities required to succeed in life.

- Educating Children
- Raising children
- Work-life integration
- Boundaries
- Emotional Intelligence