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Ruchika Sikri

Former Head of Wellbeing Learning Programmes at Google

Ruchika Sikri is the former Head of Wellbeing Learning Programmes at Google. She oversaw the mindfulness training curriculum and co-created the active global peer-to-peer volunteer network which has trained 400 people to teach 20,000 participants mindfulness and stress management. Prior to her 14 years at Google US, Ruchika had worked for the likes of Cisco and Microsoft in India. She now runs her own yoga business and strongly believes in the impact that mindfulness can have on your everyday life.

Born in India, Ruchika experienced a challenging home environment and was forced to fund her own education as a result of her family’s financial struggles. After accepting an internship at Microsoft, she worked her way up within the company and eventually moved to the US with her husband and started a family. Ruchika will share her story of resilience and how she was determined to succeed in life despite her challenging background. Ruchika will share her practical self-care tips with the audience which she continues to practice daily and she strongly believes they help us to deal with the trials and tribulations we all face in life. Ruchika’s story is one of fortitude and listeners will be left inspired to overcome their own life challenges as she shares not just her life story, but practical tips that can be applied to people from all walks of life. 

– Social Mobility

– Resilience

– Overcoming Adversity

– Self-care

“An impactful session that resonated with a number of colleagues. It created a space for open and vulnerable conversations within our organisation.” - Clifford Chance