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Samantha Nelson

Vice President of Risk Engineering in Global Energy Practice of Marsh

Samantha is an Offshore Installation Manager at Shell, a former Vice President of Risk Engineering Marsh (MMC) and a global leader in insurance broking. Prior to MMC she worked in a male-dominated environment in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry for over 20 years during which time she transitioned. 

Sam’s life story is of two halves. One as a father married with children and his parents who had very traditional and old-fashioned views. Sam grew up in a traditional household with her parents who held old fashioned views. She had a wife and children and on the outside you would believe she lived a very happy and ordinary life. But on the inside Sam was filled with anxiety and lacked a sense of belonging which resulted in her wife learning the truth of her true identity and longing to transition. Unfortunately, this led to a divorce and her parents cutting all communication. Despite the difficulty Sam faced, she made the courageous decision to transition and be who she truly was. 

Sam’s fascinating and emotional story helps audiences to understand the impact that  biases and microaggressions can have on someone not only transitioning, but as someone who works in a male dominated industry. 

Her passion for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity help her to influence far beyond Shell and the UK.  Sam lives her truth every day and uses this to positively promote inclusivity and acceptance.

She  shares her personal story in an honest and emotive way, relating her experiences and learnings back to the corporate environment. With her work recognised around the world, Samantha is passionate about creating an environment where everyone is valued for their diversity and  authenticity. With humour, honesty and openness Samantha’s sessions highlight the importance of understanding your colleagues and employees and the power of Allyship. 

– Creating inclusive places to work

– Being Trans

– Social mobility 

– Leadership

– Involving Allies in discussion

“Transgender day of visibility is such an important event to us in the I&D calendar and as an organisation we were thrilled to mark it with Samantha. The impact of listening to her story and the conversations that follow encourage people to be their true identity.” - Premier Foods

“Beautifully intimate and extremely captivating personal story. Really helped me to think outside my 'norms'.” - Premier Foods