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Samantha Renke

Disability Consultant & Broadcaster

Samantha Renke is an actress, presenter, international speaker, author and role model as well as a campaigner for disability rights. Named as No. 3 in The Shaw Trust Power 100 List of the UK’s most influential disabled people, Samantha has appeared on numerous radio & TV talk shows including Sunday Morning Live, Rip Off Britain, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Loose Women and Good Morning Britain.

With humour and passion, she shares her lived experiences that help us unpack the harmful stereotypes disabled people face and how our own unconscious bias impacts the disability community. She has written a multitude of articles on what it is like to be disabled in a disabling world for The Huffington Post and Pos’Ability, Enable, Lifestyle and Glamour magazine as well as a regular columnist for the Metro Newspaper.

Her passion and insight have assisted in overcoming barriers in several socio-cultural patronising attitudes such as body image, bullying, LGBTQ+ issues, ableism and the financial and social costs of being disabled. Samantha is an ambassador for Scope, ADD International, Parallel Global and a patron of Head2Head Theatre.

- Disability Advocacy

- Different ways of thinking about disability

- Microaggressions vs Microaffirmations

- Appropriate language to use

- Ableism vs Disablism

- Courage & resilience

- Enabled & Able Privilege

- Toxic positivity

- Inspiration & Pity Porn