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Sanjeev Pathak

Banking Executive, Certified Life Coach & Speaker

Looking at Sanjeev Pathak, one sees a successful Senior Executive who has climbed the corporate ladder in a number of corporations including HSBC UK. However, behind the mask of this executive, there are many layers.

Face 1: Confident: one which everyone sees and has led him to become a City Executive leading high-performing teams in London and the Middle East.

Face 2: Passionate: one only his family and inner circle of friends get to see. Driven by his Hindu Punjabi roots, this is the face of personal values including deep meaningful relationships, loyalty and a “do the right thing” attitude including trying to be a role model to his kids or attempting to create industry-wide change in bringing ethnic inclusion to the top table.

Face 3: Vulnerable: one which Sanjeev has been hiding behind all his life but is now coming out in full force to drive his life. This is the face which has experienced adversity in many aspects of his life and up until recently left him in a very dark place.

This eventually led, Sanjeev to embark on a challenging journey to find his true purpose and understand his true self and to reinvent himself and embark on a self-healing journey by qualifying as a certified Life Coach and has put his demons aside to create an inner stillness.

Sanjeev’s lived experiences have now helped employees and leaders with the practice of mindfulness and how this can support colleagues to understand their mental state in order to create their own road maps within their lives, becoming more effective and value-driven in all they do.

- Ethnic inclusion
- Achieving Clarity and Purpose
- Resilience
- Mindfulness
- Mental strength