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Tina McGuff

Author, Mentor & Educator for Eating Disorders and Mental Health

Tina McGuff is an author, international speaker and advocate for mental health. Having shared her struggles in her critically acclaimed memoir, Seconds to Snap, Tina has established herself as a leading voice on eating disorders, mental health wellness and is a regular contributor across national media. Tina has appeared on Lorraine, Channel 5, ITV, STV, BBC as well as Jeremy Vine, Radio 1 and other national and international media outlets.

Tina grew up in Dundee and spoke of her life being perfect – or so she thought. “I can tell you exactly the day it all went wrong – the day my mum attacked my dad with a kitchen knife. In those few, short seconds, a black hole opened up in my life and I fell right in.” Tina’s world turned upside down. Tina turned to the one thing she thought she could control – food and from this moment, began the biggest fight of her life.

Tina openly shares her life-or-death struggle with anorexia and the darkest moments she experienced in her life whilst in and out of psychiatric wards. Tina enlightens her audience to inner struggles and silence that individuals face with any mental health disorder.

Tina now works to raise awareness and education through workshops, talks and training across the world as far as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, invited by the Prime Minister’s Office in the UK and across schools in the USA. Tina shares her insight to help leaders and managers support colleagues and their families via her Three T’s model – supporting difficult conversations that could save and change people’s lives as well as building stronger relationships within the workplace.

- Driving awareness around mental health
- Understanding eating disorders and how to support others through this
- How to have difficult conversations
- Allyship
- Creating authenticity in the workplace