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 Tuvia Borok

Senior Executive at Goldman Sachs

Tuvia Borok is an acclaimed lawyer,  an award-winning diversity thought leader,a senior executive at Goldman Sachs and a leadership fellow of Windsor Castle. Tuvia’s experiences have shaped his life’s purpose  to be an educator of the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community.  From supporting the UN on policy developments to  creating the P3 network (England’s first non-traditional families charity) and establishing the  first of its kind, LGBTQ+ scholarship sponsorship organisation which was established for internship into investment banking at Goldman Sachs. He has received numerous recognitions for his commitment to inclusion including  the Leading Points of Lights Award from the former UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, for his passion to improve the working environment for all.

Having overcome socio-economic barriers, discrimination and bullying, Tuvia has proven that you can shape your own narrative. Following a life that transported him from Russia to Israel then on to Canada to escape Anti-Semitic threats, Tuvia has faced more than his fair share of personal challenges. Tuvia has experienced burnout, a relationship breakdown that resulted in divorce and worked through the challenges that come with being a single father to his adopted son.  Tuvia’s greatest challenge, however,  was an  accident that resulted in  head trauma and the fracture of his C1 spine which left him millimeters away from paralysis.  His determination to work to rebuild his life resulted in Tuvia  successfully completing a half Ironman challenge. Tuvia’s story is one of resilience and adversity and learning how he faced his challenges head on  will leave the audience feeling inspired and motivated.

Beyond his story, Tuvia’s passion for equality is sure to spark conversations about what it means to be an ally and how this can inspire people to be brave enough to show who they really are in their workplace without fear or judgement.


– Resilience

– Overcoming Adversity

– Social mobility

– Cultural differences 

– Single LGBT+ Parent

“Tuvia shared his own vulnerability and delivered the message from the heart. He offered tangible examples, making it easier for the audience to relate and follow the key learnings.” - DLA Piper

Bravo,  thanks a lot for this personal sharing, it was incredibly inspiring and insightful and I found myself fully engaged throughout.” - EBRD