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Victoria Milligan

Previous Marketing & Communications Director

Victoria Milligan is a TEDx and conference speaker, she’s appeared on numerous live TV panel discussions, and has written articles for various newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Times, The Times, The Daily Mail and many more and is now a qualified Personal Trainer. 

Victoria’s happy family of 4 children, marriage to an executive at Sky and her own successful career in PR all came to an abrupt halt in May 2013 when they were involved in a speed boat accident that took the lives of her husband Nick and her 8-year-old daughter Emily as well as leaving her with a disability. Victoria recounts the incident and the morning after, waking up to such profound news involving new titles – widow, sole parent, amputee, bereaved parent, any one of these would and could have been too much to bear for one person. Victoria’s inspirational recovery of the building blocks that helped her move forward will leave you moved, inspired and full of hope in the same breath. 

Victoria’s story is one of self-discovery, resilience, and re-engineering her own capabilities when faced with tragedy.  She details how her everyday worries shifted overnight from the materialistic to the life changing and the endeavor to put things into perspective even in the most trying of times. 

None of us know how strong we are until we are truly tested but Victoria believes that we all have the power to overcome whatever life throws at us. Victoria shares her story of courage and bravery in the face of adversity and how to have difficult conversations with those you encounter who may need your helping hand. A story that will leave its mark on your soul but more importantly on your ambitions to better yourself. 

– Resilience in the face of adversity

– Happiness, what makes us happy?

– Physical and mental wellbeing

– Gender equality & Disability 

– How to have difficult conversations

“The Lions event on IWD 2021 was powerful, authentic and engaging and perfectly aligned to the focus and impact we wanted across SPW. Victoria's determination and resilience shone through with many elements that our colleagues could identify with both personally and professionally.” - Schroders Personal Wealth

“The event will have a lasting impact for the record number of attendees who joined the audience, all of whom felt the authenticity and emotion of the TLC Lions stories. Victoria was able to provide helpful perspectives and practical tips that are beneficial in creating a more inclusive and caring environment. Working with TLC Lions was a pleasure, they really focused on ensuring we got the most out of the event and that it delivered our outcomes.” - Vanguard