TLC Lions

Employee Network / Resource Group of the Year

This category honors an exceptional Employee Resource Group/Network (ERG) that exemplifies the company’s values and behaviors, actively championing a culture where everyone feels a genuine sense of belonging and can authentically be their true self.

This is a team who has:

Demonstrated excellence in establishing and expanding a valuable network within the company, providing individuals with a voice and raising awareness about crucial topics to foster a more humane company culture.

Proven to have a lasting impact on the overall employee experience in the workplace through the impactful initiatives driven by their network.

Led by individuals who go above and beyond their daily roles to actively promote inclusion and diversity within the business. Their commitment extends beyond the workplace, showcasing the ERG's dedication to clients and external stakeholders.

Effectively employed innovation and creativity to propel human-focused initiatives within their network, fostering greater awareness, instigating change, and championing the community they support.