TLC Lions

HR Leader of the Year

This award honors HR leaders who operate in various HR and People functions, including Chief HR Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Reward Officer, Head of People, HR Director, or equivalent roles. These individuals are dedicated to fostering a more human workplace culture through their passion and commitment in their respective roles.

This is someone who has:

Truly exemplifies the 'Human' in HR by displaying exceptional courage to challenge the status quo within their organization. This individual fearlessly questions outdated leadership styles and behaviors that are not aligned with a human-centric culture.

Showcased a tangible, measurable impact resulting from their efforts in enhancing the culture and workplace to be more human-centric.

Led by example, embodying compassionate and empathetic leadership. Introduced innovative HR ideas and initiatives to enhance leadership from the top, thereby fostering a culture that retains and attracts valuable talent.

Collaborated with various business departments beyond HR to promote a more human-centric approach to leadership and the overall workplace culture.